What is pima cotton fabric characteristics?

What is pima cotton fabric characteristics?

Are you wondering what Pima cotton fabric is? We are continuing our set of articles about different fabric materials. As we always care about the highest quality at Crafteo, we want you to have full knowledge of our products. This time we want to dive into Pima cotton material.


Little introduction

Let's start from the beginning. Let's take a look at what textbooks say:

Gossypium barbadense, also known as extra-long staple (ELS) cotton, is a species of cotton plant that has been cultivated to have ELS fibers – fibers longer than 34 millimeters (1 3⁄8 in) – which are associated with high-quality cotton cloth.

The species is a perennial tropical, frost-sensitive, producing yellow flowers with black seeds. It develops as a tiny bushy tree with exceptionally long, silky fibers yielding cotton. It needs complete sunshine and heavy moisture and rainfall to develop. This plant contains the chemical gossypol, which reduces insect and fungal damage susceptibility. Cotton from ELS is frequently purchased as Pima or  Egyptian cotton. However, ELS cotton is truly only a tiny quantity of Egyptian cotton generated each year. ELS manufacturers have embraced the Pima name tag in locations like Australia, Peru, and Israel.

The name Pima was used in memory of the Pima Indians, who in the early 1900s aided grow cotton on USDA experimental fields in Arizona.


Fabric characteristics

It has a reputation for producing a smooth fabric that’s soft to the touch, wrinkle-resistant, and ultra-durable. Pima cotton fibers are between 1.4 and 2 inches in size, while standard cotton fibers are up to 1.1 inches in size. Made from smaller staple cotton, Pima cotton cloth goes out lighter and more durable. Pima cotton is said to have a 50% life span of other cotton goods. It is good for those with delicate skin as well!


This is how pima cotton fabric looks like:


purple pima cotton


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