Let's say Hello World to Crafteo!

Let's say Hello World to Crafteo!

We would like to welcome the internet with this short note. Let us introduce ourselves. I am Maciek and I want to say a few words at the beginning of our new journey.


What is Crafteo?

Crafteo is living dream of a couple. Me and my wife always wanted to create own brand with design and quality in DNA. I have started to think about new brand many years ago when I have jumped into digital graphics and IT industry. My wife always had creativity and art in her blood. In mid-2018, our ideas came to light.

We are quality freaks and geeks. Crafteo would not exist without quality designs. Zero bullshit - just unique projects that everyone would like to wear.

You can always read more about our story here.


What do we want to create?

We want to create super unique designs, patterns, graphics - literally everything that can make your apparel cool. We want to give you the ability to express your passion through unique apparel.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the graphic design industry and we want to use it! Crafteo is our dream and we want to make it real.


Do you want to join us?