Crafteo current state and plans for future

Crafteo current state and plans for future

Hi! We want to share with you a few of our plans for the future. For now, our store is in a growing phase, that's why our list of products is pretty limited. But we are aiming high and working hard to give you the best possible quality, not quantity.

We really want to encourage people to share their passion and interests with others. Remember that talk with your office colleague about the last news from the automotive world? Remember that quick chat with anonymous people while walking with the dog in the park? Everyone has a set of different dots. We want to connect that dots and make you all a little bit closer because of common topics. 

Current state

For now, we have in stock t-shirts for men and t-shirts for women. Few categories: Food, Nature, Patterns, Pets and animals, Faith & religion. You can check all the t-shirts here.
All of our current collections you can find here.

For men

For women

Products future

In the near future, we want to introduce a lot more product categories. We want to extend our stock to hoodies, caps, bags, hats, sweatshirts, and pants. Everything both for men and women. We also really want to introduce products for kids and babies. 

In terms of these categories, we want to extend our base to automotive, geek, sport, football, racing, family, funny, quotes and other stuff that's interesting for us. That's right - we want to design products that we would like to wear by ourselves.

We are designers and our souls push us to design and art direction. Because of that, we want to introduce also elegant patterns without a specific topic correlation. 

Service future

In the very near future, we want to introduce other payment providers for your comfort. We are aware that not everyone is using PayPal. That's why we want to introduce payment via credit card.

Also, the client page will be redesigned. For now, you can find in your client profile list of orders with all needed data to keep an eye on your ordered products. We want to introduce some extended support of packages tracking numbers.


Stay tuned

Our brand is young, but our plans are mature. We do not want to reveal all the cards we have. Stay tuned, because we have a lot more to show in the next couple of weeks and months.


Remember - do not be afraid of sharing your knowledge and passion with others.



 Thanks Amanda Dalbjörn for awesome picture for cover in this post.